About Us

First and foremost, we wanted to create the best bra ever made.... that means increased support, ultimate comfort and great style. We also identified a need for a cell phone pocket considering women often have no other option than to stash their phones in their sports bras. But we couldn't stop there with a clean conscience we took it one step further and incorporated a radiation shielding panel to protect women from potentially harm effects from cell phone radiation (RF). 

Swearit’s competitive advantage is two-fold. One—we value quality over all else. During the market research phase of development, we found that women are not satisfied with their current sports bras; they are uncomfortable and do not provide a high level of support, strength or fit customization. Swearit is built with a high-quality four-way stretch spandex blend with a moisture-wicking lining and is made to last. It has molded, encapsulating cups and adjustable straps and band. It has everything that women want in a perfect sports bra.

Secondly, Swearit is outfitted with a 100% certified RF-protecting cell phone pocket. There are other brands that have cell phone pockets but the pocket is located either in the back of the bra between the shoulder blades or it is positioned vertically in the front of the bra and is not secure or comfortable. Swearit’s pocket is located above the bust in a horizontal position with the opening along the high neck line for comfort, security, ease of access and limited bounce.

People are becoming more aware of the potential harmful effects of cell phone radiation; people are also wanting to live a more healthy lifestyle and are incorporating more fitness into their daily routines. The athleisure apparel market is booming with trendy and fashionable clothing that allow women to look good and feel good.

And what’s the one thing we never leave our homes without? Our cell phones! Of course women want their cell phone with them during a run, hike or workout to listen to music or make a phone call, and there’s just no safe, comfortable, convenience place to keep your cell phone. Arm bands and running belts aren’t cutting it and not every pair of leggings come with a built-in cell phone pocket.

None of these options are practical for rigorous workout or running because they are heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. Swearit is the most innovative sports bra ever designed—it’s the perfect solution for the busy, active woman who needs to stay connected.